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Telling the story of Australian wool

16 Apr

WoolProducers Australia (WPA) and Animal Health Australia (AHA) are sharing the success story of Australian wool with the world, through the launch of a new handbook.

Titled Trust in Australian Wool, the handbook explains how the Australian wool industry has evolved to produce the best quality wool in the world, said Ms Jo Hall, CEO of WPA.

“Australian wool is the wool of choice for fine apparel and luxury garments; sought after by all processing nations due to its renowned quality,” said Ms Hall.

“Underpinning this popularity are the world-leading practices our woolgrowers use on-farm, every day, along with state and national frameworks, quality assurance systems and innovations. This handbook outlines how all of these elements work together to produce Aussie wool — a natural, sustainable product that is recognised globally for its excellence and quality.”

This handbook is the first of its kind and has been created to further strengthen trust among consumers who drive demand for Australian wool. It contains information on sheep health, welfare and biosecurity practices, as well as the exceptional sustainability and traceability processes that support the Australian wool industry.

The handbook was launched yesterday evening at a virtual webinar. Over 300 people registered for the webinar, with participants from around the world tuning in to hear from wool industry advocates and experts.

Kathleen Plowman, CEO of AHA, recommends the resource to anyone interested to learn more about the Australian wool industry.

“It provides a simple yet comprehensive summary of the industry, its key features and achievements, as well as its framework for ensuring the excellence of its products,” said Ms Plowman.

“Through this information, it highlights the success of the Australian wool industry and tells a story that we can be proud of — and should be sharing often.”

The handbook is available at