Our People

AHA’s success depends on our people and how we foster their skills and abilities and apply these to developing, implementing and managing the achievement of the agreed outcomes.

AHA’s employees combine skills and expertise from a wide range of areas including business, financial and program management, policy development, strategic planning, research and development, negotiation and conflict resolution, stakeholder engagement, communications, information technology, veterinary and technical expertise, facilitation and training, accounting, contract management and administration.

Our Board

AHA’s Board of Directors is independently selected to provide a suitable mix of professional experience and expertise to govern all aspect of the company. AHA’s Board comprises seven non-executive, part-time directors, independently selected by a selection committee on the basis of complementary skill sets and appointed by AHA’s members for a four-year term at our Annual General Meeting.

The Board’s primary role is to set and monitor the implementation of the company’s strategic direction, establishing and monitoring the achievement of goals by management.

Our Board’s combined expertise and experience includes:

  • major export markets for livestock and livestock products
  • industry processing and marketing
  • extensive and intensive livestock production
  • industry organisational arrangements
  • government networks, legislation and policy development processes
  • animal health services and their delivery
  • agricultural and medical biotechnology
  • quality systems in animal health
  • strategic, economic and financial management skills.


Animal Health Australia works with its members to maintain and improve Australia’s favourable animal health status, to ensure the viability of Australia’s livestock and aquatic industries.

AHA’s success depends largely on its ability to harness appropriate human resource skills and apply them to developing, implementing and managing the achievement of the agreed outcomes. The various teams combine skills in business, financial and program management, policy development, planning, negotiation, accounting, communications, information technology and administration.

If you would like more information about any of the programs or projects managed by AHA, please contact one of the staff members listed below by phoning (02) 6232 5522 or +61 2 6232 5522 outside Australia.

General Management

Senior Leadership

Project Leadership and Service Support