Connecting systems for stronger biosecurity

We are working towards

a national biosecurity strategy

greater system resilience

integration of animal, plant and environmental biosecurity systems

global recognition as a premium food and fibre market

high levels of access to markets

supply chains see value in our systems

trusted in dealing with novel or complex issues

Delivering cross-sectoral outcomes

It is vitally important to deliver cross-sectoral outcomes that improve regional, state and national biosecurity systems, and contribute to the protection of markets and the identification of new opportunities.

Biosecurity systems are interconnected and interdependent – livestock, plant, environment, pest/weed, aquatic, wildlife and human.

AHA will engage with the biosecurity collective to foster new partnerships and opportunities which drive an ‘all of Australia’ biosecurity focus.

A key step in connecting systems and minimising the threat and impact of pests and diseases is the integration of animal biosecurity with plant industries and the natural environment.