Supporting national veterinary pathology expertise

The Australian Animal Pathology Standards Program (AAPSP), a joint initiative of the Australian Society for Veterinary Pathology, the Sub Committee on Animal Health Laboratory Standards and Animal Health Australia, aims to improve the diagnostic capability of the national animal health system.

It does this by supporting the development and delivery of;

  • Pathology proficiency testing
  • Online reference materials and modules for continuing professional development
  • An annual series of technical workshops for pathologists to be delivered in each state/territory

In addition, the AAPSP will:

  • Digitise images from the national animal pathology registry, and
  • Renovate slides from selected cases in the national animal pathology registry

Contributing government, university and private laboratories pay an annual subscription fee for their employees (pathologists), to access all services provided by the AAPSP, which individual members can also subscribe to.

Animal Health Australia manages the AAPSP, convenes the Management Committee and provides access for financial AAPSP members to the on-line services.

AAPSP Members’ Extranet

Registered members of the AAPSP can click here to enter the Member’s Extranet.

The extranet contains a large number of reference and training tools for veterinary pathologists. Key areas include continuing professional development training cases, the pathology register slide of the month scheme, a second opinion service and a range of documents and other information resources.