Tasmanian Livestock Health Monitoring Network

The Livestock Health Monitoring Network is part of the Surveillance and Biosecurity Extension in Tasmania project funded by Animal Health Australia (AHA) with the support of sheep industry members Sheep Producers Australia and WoolProducers Australia via their joint National Sheep Industry Biosecurity Strategy 2019-2024, alongside the Tasmanian Department of Natural Resources and Environment.


The network, coordinated by veterinarian Dr Bruce Jackson, brings together service providers including; private veterinarians, stock agents, rural merchandisers and shearing contractors. The Network looks to conduct livestock health monitoring during their time spent on-farm, especially those properties with sheep.

The participants recruited from among service providers report information about diseases and other health conditions they encounter in the course of their work. This information is then collated by Dr Jackson and provided to AHA, DPIPWE and their industry partners. This is to enable more targeted and relevant biosecurity information to further support producers throughout the network.

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Livestock Health Monitoring Reports


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