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9 Jun


The Animal Health Australia (AHA) Training Team provides education, training and administrative services that support and build the biosecurity response capability of our members. Our subscription-funded activities assist our members to meet their responsibilities under the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA).  

We identify national emergency animal disease (EAD) and biosecurity preparedness and response priorities through our involvement in various groups. These include the National Animal Health Training Reference Group (NAHTRG), AHA Member and Industry Forums, Animal Health Committee (AHC) and the Biosecurity and Agricultural Emergency Network (BAEN). This then also allows us to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and lessons gained between our members and partners. 

In addition, we work collaboratively to develop, maintain and review EAD training materials and resources that are accessible, targeted and contemporary; offer support in the planning, implementation and evaluation of training exercises delivered by our members; and provide professional development opportunities to members involved in the coordination and delivery of EAD preparedness and response training.  

By working together with our members, we are able to support and bolster our national animal health and biosecurity systems. 


Online courses 

We offer a suite of online courses, many of which are publicly accessible at http://aha.canopihr.com.au. Topics covered range from EAD response structures, roles and responsibilities; foot-and-mouth disease awareness; workplace health and safety for personnel working in a control centre or the field during a biosecurity response; and live animal export accreditation. 

NMG and CCEAD training 

We deliver face-to-face or virtual National Management Group (NMG) and Consultative Committee on Emergency Animal Disease (CCEAD) workshops to our members during AHA Member Engagement Weeks in March and September. These workshops focus on familiarising participants with the EADRA as the framework for decision-making and cost-sharing during an EAD response and increase understanding of their role and responsibilities. 

NMG training is aimed at those with the authority to make financial commitments during a cost-shared EAD response, and their advisors. That is, CEOs and presidents (or equivalent) of government and industry parties to the EADRA. 

CCEAD training is aimed at veterinary and technical experts who would advise NMG about disease control in an EAD response. Government representatives are generally the Chief Veterinary Officer or their delegate; for industry, the veterinarian or technical expert that liaises with and advises peak industry bodies. Visit the AHA website for further information on this training. 

Industry liaison training 

We deliver annual Liaison – Livestock Industry (LLI) workshops to our industry members. As signatories to the EADRA, peak industry bodies are required to nominate representatives of their industry to perform the LLI role should an EAD response occur. LLI personnel contribute to the management of the response by acting as the official conduit between Incident Management at the control or coordination centres and the Affected Industry. The workshops are made up of mixed industry representation and delivered in locations following consultation between AHA, peak industry bodies, state farming organisations and a host jurisdiction. This training targets industry personnel likely to perform the LLI role during an EAD response.  


The AHA Training Team manage additional, non-subscription funded projects that contribute to our members’ response capability. Examples include the National Biosecurity Response Team program, additional customised NMG, CCEAD or LLI workshops, exercises, accredited training programs and the development of targeted online courses. 


For more information on existing training or to discuss ideas and proposals for future training projects, please contact the Training Team via (02) 6232 5522 or trainingsupport@animalhealthaustralia.com.au