Exercise Audiatur

Exercise Audiatur is a scenario-based training program that seeks to improve the delivery and performance of the Liaison-Livestock Industry (LLI) function during a cost-shared, EAD response in Victoria. The exercise will be run over two days on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 October 2024, held in the AgVIC training rooms in Attwood, Victoria. The word ‘Audiatur’ is Latin for “may the other side also be heard”, highlighting the collaborative purpose of the exercise and its objectives.

This exercise involves collaboration between Agriculture Victoria (AgVIC), Animal Health Australia (AHA), the peak industry bodies (PIB) and representatives of Victorian livestock industries. This discussion exercise will further prepare the Victorian livestock industries to support AgVIC and advocate on behalf of their industries during an EAD response; identify ways that AgVIC can support the LLI function; and develop mechanisms for collaboration and communication in a response between government and industry and between national and state levels of industry. For more information about the LLI function, click here to learn more or watch the video below.

What can you expect from Exercise Audiatur? 

Exercise Audiatur seeks to build on LLI training activities and provides an opportunity for industry and government representatives to explore, apply and practice their collective understanding of the LLI function in a simulated environment. Additionally, the exercise will identify opportunities to strengthen the support and delivery of the LLI function and provide a networking opportunity between government and industry counterparts and subject matter experts. 

This exercise aims to improve the delivery of the LLI function for Victorian EAD responses through upskilling industry representatives and enhancing AgVIC’s processes and support functions by achieving the following objectives:

  • Testing existing structures and processes to facilitate effective collaboration between government and industry liaison representatives during an EAD response 
  • Exploring how LLIs interact and engage with their PIB and CCEAD and NMG representative/s 
  • Improving AgVIC’s ability to support the LLI function during an EAD response. 

There will be several activities in the second half of 2024 in the lead up to the main exercise, which include: 

  • The LLI Workshop on Wednesday 31 July 2024 in Attwood, VIC
  • Release of pre-deployment information for LLI exercise participants 
  • AgVIC State Biosecurity Operations Centre (SBOC) virtual induction briefing on Tuesday 15 October 

Who will be involved in Exercise Audiatur? 

Exercise Audiatur has been designed for individuals nominated by the national PIBs who may be appointed and available to be deployed into a cost-shared, EAD response in Victoria. LLI representatives with expertise, knowledge and characteristics relevant to their industry will be the primary candidates to participate in Exercise Audiatur. Follow this link to learn more about PIBs and click here for more information about the Emergency Animal Disease Response Agreement (EADRA), which is the cost-sharing agreement between government and livestock industries in respect of EAD responses. 

Additional government and industry biosecurity stakeholders may also be invited to present, participate or observe the exercise. This may include Victorian state level emergency management personnel and Victorian CVO unit staff; peak industry body members; Animal Health Australia as managers of the EADRA and AUSVETPLAN programs; and other biosecurity or industry stakeholders who a LLI representative may engage during an EAD response. 

As a PIB, how can I nominate an LLI representative? 

All national PIBs will receive an email once expressions of interest (EOIs) have opened for Exercise Audiatur on Monday 22 July 2024, which will provide an EOI link and details on how they can nominate LLI representatives for participation. 

PIBs are advised to nominate personnel that are deemed appropriate to act on behalf of their industry during an EAD response at a state coordination centre. Considerations should be made regarding the numbers per state, per industry sector, and according to the possession of assumed knowledge. Indicatively, it is advised to have a minimum of 2-3 trained representatives per industry. 

As a VIC LLI representative, how can I get involved? 

Exercise Audiatur will be promoted through Victorian livestock industry networks via an EOI process, which can be provided to you by your PIB. If you are interested in attending this exercise, you are encouraged to reach out to your PIB and discuss your participation as a suitable candidate. 

How will the nomination process work for Exercise Audiatur? 

All expressions of interest must be submitted by COB Friday 23 August 2024. Following closure of the nomination period, expressions of interest will be assessed by the Exercise Audiatur Planning Team and successful nominees will receive an invitation via email from the Exercise Audiatur Planning Team to formally register for the exercise. Joining instructions containing the link to formally register for the exercise will be released on Monday 2 September. 

Please note that attendance is not confirmed until you receive an email invitation from the Exercise Audiatur Planning Team. 

It is important to note that participation in the VIC LLI Workshop on 31 July in Attwood, VIC (or a LLI Workshop within the last 3 years) will be a prerequisite for participation in Exercise Audiatur. Participants must also have completed AHA’s LLI online course prior to attending. For more information about the LLI online course and other related resources, click here to find out more and enrol.