Liaison Livestock Industry Workshop – July 2024

Animal Health Australia and Peak Industry Bodies are proud to host an in-depth workshop aimed at enhancing our collective response to EAD challenges. This workshop is not just an educational opportunity but a pivotal gathering for industry professionals who can significantly contribute during EAD crises.

  • Explore the intricate Emergency Animal Disease arrangements and understand the integral roles and responsibilities of LLI representatives.
  • Gain practical insights into working effectively within a response framework and learn the nuances of communication in EAD scenarios.
  • Participate in interactive, scenario-based exercises designed to deepen your understanding and equip you with actionable skills.
  • Seize the opportunity to forge strong relationships across the sector, creating a unified front against the looming threats of EAD on our industry.

We invite those who have been endorsed by a Peak Industry Body (PIB) and can represent their industry in the event of an EAD outbreak. If you’re ready to step up, seek nomination through your PIB or for more information, contact the Training team at Animal Health Australia at trainingsupports@animalhealthaustralia.com.au.

Join us in this collaborative effort to build a resilient, well-prepared community, ready to face and overcome the challenges of EAD.

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Jul 31 2024


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