Antimicrobial Stewardship in Australian Livestock Industries

This report provides an overview of historical and current practises relevant to AMS in each of the contributing industries and is primarily intended for the stakeholders who are interested to know how livestock industries operate in Australia.


Industry contacts

Industry Organisation Contact email
Chicken meat Australian Chicken Meat Federation acmf@chicken.org.au
Dairy Dairy Australia enquiries@dairyaustralia.com.au
Duck Meat Australian Duck Meat Association g.parkinson@iinet.net.au
Egg Australian Eggs contacts@australianeggs.org.au
Grain-fed beef/Grass-fed beef/Sheepmeat Meat & Livestock Australia info@mla.com.au
Pork Australian Pork Limited research@australianpork.com.au
Poultry Primary breeders Specialised Breeders Australia sbaadmin@specialisedbreeders.com.au
Turkey Australasian Turkey Federation info@turkeyfed.com.au

Advisory contacts

Organisation Contact email
Australian Veterinary Association melanie.latter@ava.com.au

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