AHA works with the alpaca industry to develop and implement national programs to safeguard the health of Australia’s alpaca population.


Our Farm Biosecurity website has alpaca biosecurity information and associated documents.

Alpaca owners should use the National Farm Biosecurity Reference Manual for Grazing Livestock Production on their properties.


Alpacas may be affected by Johne’s disease—see the National Johne’s Disease Control Program and related Johne’s disease information.

The single biggest threat to the alpaca industry’s sustainability is an outbreak of an emergency animal disease. The Australian Alpaca Association (AAA) has implemented a series of animal health policies at state and national levels to guard against threats to the industry’s biosecurity.

See emergency disease preparedness, including AUSVETPLANs for various diseases.

Livestock traceability

AHA has been working with AAA to develop a national livestock identification scheme to support traceability of our national herds.

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Page reviewed: 19/07/2018