Biosecurity extension

With the ever-looming threat of an emergency animal disease (EAD) outbreak, it is important that the Australian livestock industries are constantly reviewing and improving their biosecurity practices to minimise business disruption and catastrophic impacts of EADs. One way to provide this information to producers is through providing quality extension services.

Extension is the process of enabling change in individuals, communities and industries involved with the primary industries and natural resource management. 

At Animal Health Australia, our extension team strive to empower the Australian livestock sector to implement stronger animal health and biosecurity practices to safeguard their businesses and ensure business continuity in the event of a pest, weed and disease incursion.

Our extension team work collaboratively across the livestock value chain to ensure that everyone is aware of their biosecurity responsibilities and support stakeholders to implement better biosecurity practices to help protect the Australian livestock industries.

Animal Health Australia have a focus on creating extension and communication tools which have longevity, applicability to all jurisdictions and respective industries and are readily accessible to ensure that stakeholders remain engaged and informed.

Current extension projects

National Sheep Industry Biosecurity Strategy

The National Sheep Industry Biosecurity Strategy was developed by WoolProducers Australia (WPA) and Sheep Producers Australia (SPA) in collaboration with key stakeholders and sheep industry leaders from across Australia and funded by AHA. Delivery of the objectives and outcomes of the Strategy is being managed by AHA, collaborating with SPA and WPA.

Two Extension Managers have been employed by AHA to deliver against the NSIBS priorities.

  • Dr Emily Buddle – Biosecurity Extension Manager – South Australia
  • Dr Sophie Hemley – Biosecurity Extension Manager – New South Wales

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